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Every week, husband and wife team Ron & Jill Wolforth (www.TexasBaseballRanch.com) talk, debate and argue with each other and the experts about America’s Favorite Pastime. It’s all about baseball – Big Leagues, Youth, on the field and behind the scenes. Is the coach of your kid’s baseball team driving them too hard? Or is Dale Sveum not driving those Cubs hard enough? Hear advice on good nutrition – and about the latest “non-steroid steroid” in circulation. Catch it all here with the Wolforths, America’s “First Family of Baseball”.

Major League Baseball's 2015 season is under way.  Texas Baseball Ranch pitchers got off to a very good start in opening week.  On this week's show Coaches Ron & Jill Wolforth will give a quick review on the first outings of six of the most prominent professional "Ranch Hands".

In the Classroom Segment Coach & Jill disuss the subject "arousal state" and how critical it is to an athlete's performance.

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