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Every week, husband and wife team Ron & Jill Wolforth (www.TexasBaseballRanch.com) talk, debate and argue with each other and the experts about America’s Favorite Pastime. It’s all about baseball – Big Leagues, Youth, on the field and behind the scenes. Is the coach of your kid’s baseball team driving them too hard? Or is Dale Sveum not driving those Cubs hard enough? Hear advice on good nutrition – and about the latest “non-steroid steroid” in circulation. Catch it all here with the Wolforths, America’s “First Family of Baseball”.

This week Coach Wolforth & Jill review some of the various playoff pitching performances, good and bad, as we head into the World Series.  Coach Marty Rubinoff, resident hitting expert, joins them to discuss what people should be noticing from the offenses in the post season.  The classroom segment fouces on some unique pitching strategies that have occured so far during the playoffs and how they can be applied at the youth and high school level.


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Coach and Jill continue discussion on some very interesting playoff matchups. They have a neat story on the Rangers and Josh Hamilton along with a Bryce Harper update and statistical oddities for each of the 30 MLB teams. The classroom is on asking better questions to get better answers.

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Coach & Jill discuss Roy Halladay’s historic playoff opener as well as other playoff pitching performances. Coach is back with a rant on Lebron James. The classroom discussion is on words; words that coaches use and how they are frequently misunderstood and misapplied.

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This week Coach & Jill take you through 9 unresolved issues that will affect the playoffs. Samantha joins them to update you on the remaining 2010 calendar and in the classroom segment they provide an in depth lesson on how to analyze & learn from the playoffs rather than simply being a fan.

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