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Every week, husband and wife team Ron & Jill Wolforth (www.TexasBaseballRanch.com) talk, debate and argue with each other and the experts about America’s Favorite Pastime. It’s all about baseball – Big Leagues, Youth, on the field and behind the scenes. Is the coach of your kid’s baseball team driving them too hard? Or is Dale Sveum not driving those Cubs hard enough? Hear advice on good nutrition – and about the latest “non-steroid steroid” in circulation. Catch it all here with the Wolforths, America’s “First Family of Baseball”.

This week Coach Wolforth and Jill discuss the amazing story of pitcher Gil Meche.  If you haven't already heard his story, it's one you don't want to miss.  It is truly refreshing.  They also discuss Albert Puljos' recent contract demand and the three possible scenarios for King Albert's future.  The classroom segment topic is 'Double Vision', what it is and why it's important.

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This week Coach Wolforth and Jill talk about poison, where it comes from and how to avoid it in your life.  On the same theme, Coach discusses his trip this past weekend to Baton Rouge, LA, specifically two of the excellent presentations he saw, the first from coaching legend Skip Bertman and the second from Don Hooton of the Hooton Foundation who spoke on the subject of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.  They also talk about the passing of fitness legend, Jack Lalane and Coach Wolforth is back with a rant.  This one focusing on the new MTV show "Skins".

The classroom segment addresses the topic of "Getting Exposure for Athletes" and you don't want to miss their no nonsense advice on this topic.

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Coach Wolforth just returned from speaking at the Pennsylvania High School Coaches Clinic.  He shares with you the interesting things that took place while he was in Pittsburgh.  Coach & Jill also discuss an often overlooked subject in baseball, The Mental Side of Training.

The classroom segment is called "Fake It Until You Make It".  Learn how this process can help you and your athletes, especially on challanging days. 

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Every year in early January for the past 17 years the Wolforth's have attended the American Baseball Coaches Association national convention and clinic.  On this week's show Coach Wolforth and Jill share many of the happenings at the 2011 ABCA convention held this past week in Nashville, TN.  They will discuss the downright disgusting incident in the exhibit hall as well as share some comments and lessons from the clinic presentations and pitching hot stove session.

This week's classroom segment will focus on the right way to go about building ANYTHING...a wall, a pitching delivery, a hitting stroke, even a marriage or career.

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The show for the week of January 10th will post on Tuesday, January 11th. 

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This week the 2010 Hall of Fame voting will be announced.  Coach & Jil take a brief look at one player Coach believes should definately be voted in this year.  They also spend some time discussing one of baseball's young superstars, Buster Posey, and his interesting baseball career to this point.  Garrett is also back with some Hall of Fame history as well as his baseball trivia.

The classroom segment is on "Making Connections".  People often make poor and/or dangerous connections and need to be aware when that's happening.

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