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Every week, husband and wife team Ron & Jill Wolforth (www.TexasBaseballRanch.com) talk, debate and argue with each other and the experts about America’s Favorite Pastime. It’s all about baseball – Big Leagues, Youth, on the field and behind the scenes. Is the coach of your kid’s baseball team driving them too hard? Or is Dale Sveum not driving those Cubs hard enough? Hear advice on good nutrition – and about the latest “non-steroid steroid” in circulation. Catch it all here with the Wolforths, America’s “First Family of Baseball”.

There will be no show this week due to The Wolforth's travel schedule.  Please join them again next week.  Don't forget you can go back through the archives and listen or relisten to one of those shows.  The most popular show over the past several weeks has been the one titled "10 Year Baseball Ranch Student Shares Insights".

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This week Coach Wolforth & Jill discuss the surprises in the first few weeks of the regular season, both teams and players.  Some of these have been talked about on many sports shows but others may surprise you.

The Classroom segment is titled "True Grit" and no they won't be discussing the classic movie by John Wayne or the newer version by Jeff Bridges.  They will be talking 'True Grit' as defined by researchers studying West Point cadets and several other Special Forces.

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This week Coach Wolforth and Jill talk about the beginning of the MLB season. As they say, even for Cubs' fans, "Hope Springs Eternal".  The Wolforth's also got the MLB channel a month ago and as you can imagine, it dominates their viewing.  Recently the MLB channel did a show about the Top 100 players in the Major Leagues for 2012 and Coach & Jill are going to share some thoughts on that.

The Classroom Segment is titled "What to do when you struggle".  It's one of the most common topics this time of year now that everyone is playing. 

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This week Coach Wolforth & Jill are going to discuss their trip to Spring Training including both the Cactus and Grapefruit leagues where they were able to catch up with most of their clients.  Coach will also share hilights from his 3 hour conversation with Paul DePodesta, V.P. of Player Development with the New York Mets.  Many Let's Talk Baseball listeners will recognize that name from the movie Moneyball as Paul was Billy Bean's right hand man with the A's. 

In the classroom segment, Coach & Jill will be talking about two different types of mindsets in development, the Training Mindset and the Trusting Mindset and why each is critical to any baseball or softball player's success.

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