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Every week, husband and wife team Ron & Jill Wolforth (www.TexasBaseballRanch.com) talk, debate and argue with each other and the experts about America’s Favorite Pastime. It’s all about baseball – Big Leagues, Youth, on the field and behind the scenes. Is the coach of your kid’s baseball team driving them too hard? Or is Dale Sveum not driving those Cubs hard enough? Hear advice on good nutrition – and about the latest “non-steroid steroid” in circulation. Catch it all here with the Wolforths, America’s “First Family of Baseball”.

As Spring Training for Major League Baseball comes to a close and the regular season begins, it also marks a transition for the Texas Baseball Ranch.  On this week's show Coaches Ron & Jill Wolforth will update you on several of the story lines many people have been following with interest and also provide a look ahead at the changes, additions and innovations happening at The Ranch.

In the Classroom Segment, Coach and Jill will discuss some strategies on how to keep centered in a very fickle, vapid and self-absorbed world.  Coach Wolforth calls it, "Pulling Your Own Strings".

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On this week's show, Coaches Ron and Jill Wolforth talk about several baseball things that have occurred so far this Spring including their son Garrett's college debut, the Florida Baseball Ranch grand opening and another professional Ranch athlete attempting a Major League comeback.  They also take a quick look ahead on what's new at the Texas Baseball Ranch.

In the "Classroom Segment", Coach and Jill discuss a great habit to develop for responding to most bad news.  It's definitely unusual and they'll explain.

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Things are up and running in 2016 at the Texas Baseball Ranch.  The group took their annual trip to the American Baseball Coaches Association Convention and held their final Elite Pitchers' Boot Camp for the season earlier this month.  Coach Wolforth is taking the coaching staff to Chicago, Indianapolis and Minneapolis for "Ranch on the Road" clinics over the next several weeks.  With all this activity, you may very well ask, "What's new at The Ranch for 2016?"  Coaches Ron & Jill Wolforth will share with you those new things on this week's show. 

In the Classroom Segment, they are going to discuss a major reason why most players' behavior in practice or training is EXACTLY the opposite of what should be occurring.  They will explain in detail.

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